You are a glass cover away from the fruit tea

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Summer should be prepared to relieve the summer heat, self-made 2 types of fruit tea, the practice is simple, do not need to boil, there is a glass cover on the line. It's hot in summer and sweating a lot, so we need to replenish a lot of water. We don't want to drink boiled water. It's unhealthy to drink milk tea often. Fruit tea sold outside is too expensive. In fact, it's very convenient to make fruit tea at home. We don't need to cook it. We only need a glass cover and a refrigerator.

Strawberry pickle drink

Food preparation: 750ml large glass cover, 1 small pot of fresh strawberries, 1 bottle of rice wine, rock sugar

First, wash the strawberries and cut them in half;

Two: put a layer of strawberry in the glass cover, a layer of rock sugar (can put less sugar HA) until full, pour in rice

When the wine is full, cover it and shake it;

Third: put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate for 1 week.


Lemon pickled beverage

Food preparation: 750ml large glass cover, 2 lemon, 4 passion fruit, honey, water

First, wash the lemon, cut into lemon slices, wash the passion fruit and cut it in half;

Two: put the lemon slices and passion fruit seeds into the jar, put a layer of rock sugar (can put less sugar HA) until full, pour in honey and the same amount of water, cover the lid and shake it;

Three: put it in the refrigerator for 1 week.

The glass cover must be sealed well. It is usually used to make water and fruit tea. Maybe you can pickle yourself, pack some grains and snacks. The sealed jar in their house is designed with silicone rubber ring, which has good sealing performance, health and environmental protection, and the large bottle mouth design is convenient for holding

Source: glass cover manufacturer

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