Matters needing attention in the use of Zhongshan sealed glass tank

2021-04-13 81

The sealed jar has heat-resistant glass preservative box, no bubble, no cold lines, high transparency and good resistance to temperature change.


Generally, fresh-keeping boxes are made of transparent or semi transparent materials. When we don't use the box, we can easily open the box.


The good quality fresh-keeping box is glossy in appearance, beautiful in planning, and has no burr.

[heat resistant]

The requirement of heat resistance of the fresh-keeping box is relatively high. It will not deform in high-temperature water, and even can be sterilized in boiling water. It is the first time to introduce the fresh-keeping box made of high borosilicate heat-resistant glass, which is not only resistant to high temperature, but also has no problem even if the temperature difference changes sharply by 120 ℃.


It has excellent impact resistance, and it is not easy to break and leave scratches when it is pressed or impacted.



Although different brands of products have different sealing methods, excellent sealing is a necessary condition for the storage of food for long-term preservation.

[save space]

Reasonable planning, various sizes of fresh-keeping boxes can be orderly placed, combined, adhere to neat, so as to save space.

Microwave heating

It can directly heat food in the microwave oven, which is more convenient to use.


1. When it is used in microwave oven and oven, the cover should be opened or removed. 2. Use kitchen gloves when taking them out of microwave oven and oven. 3. It can be heated directly with an open fire. 4. Do not cut the sealed tank with steel products such as knife, fork and spoon. 6. Do not use aluminum foil wrapping.

Source: Zhongshan glass sealed tank

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